Artistic Director

Ms. Sandhya Srivatsan is a highly experienced musician and teacher. Her passion for teaching Carnatic music brings about a unique aspect in her capability to train all levels of students for concerts and beyond.

Sandhya, who is a postgraduate in Mathematics, is a Certified Gerontologist from Ryerson University, Toronto and has been providing music therapy sessions to seniors in Adult Day Care centers and Nursing homes in the Greater Toronto Area. She has taught Indian classical music courses at Ryerson University, LIFE Institute and University of Toronto as well.

While in India, Sandhya has regularly performed in AIR Bangalore and Chennai. In addition, she has given thematic concerts and lecture demonstrations covering specific composers of Carnatic music  in Muscat and Toronto. In North America, she has performed for various organizations/temples, notably Ganesh Temple at Flushing Meadows in New York; Shiva Vishnu Temple, San Diego; Ganesh Temple, Toronto, Shiva Sathyanarayana Temple,Mississauga among others.

Over the past decade, Sandhya’s students have regularly performed at local organizations such as MACA, Bharathi Kala Manram, Kannada Sangha and Sringeri Vidya Bharti Foundation. Her students have participated at Japanese Road to Asia Festival, Mississauga Festival Youth Choir, Tamil Nadu Cultural Association and at music programs conducted by other local organizations/temples.

Recently, Gaanavarshini was featured at the Mississauga Festival Youth Choir, where Sandhya trained about 50 Canadian youth belonging to different cultural backgrounds to sing Indian songs at their annual December concert. This was an educative program that was well received by the audience.